Teenage Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Teenage Intensive
Outpatient Program (IOP)

Adolescence is defined by change. While teens struggle to adjust, they are vulnerable to developing mental health conditions and Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Our 18 week Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an effective approach to treating teens with SUD and co-occurring mental health condition.

Adolescence is a pivotal time marked by significant change and growth. For some teens, this period can be particularly challenging due to the development of substance use disorders (SUD) and co-occurring mental health conditions. At Dilworth Center, we offer a specialized Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) tailored to meet the unique needs of teenagers. Our 18-week program provides an effective and compassionate approach to treating teens, helping them achieve lasting recovery and mental well-being.

Our Adolescent IOP is designed to deliver high-quality care with minimal disruption to a teen’s education and daily life. It offers the perfect balance, allowing high school students to continue their academic pursuits while receiving the intensive support they need. This program is ideal for adolescents transitioning from more intensive treatment settings such as residential or inpatient rehabilitation centers, as well as those who are new to treatment.

What is an
Adolescent IOP?

Our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program is a specialized treatment plan designed for high-school-student-aged patients and young adults, who require a higher level of care with minimal disruptions to their education. This program is recommended for adolescents transitioning from more intensive programs such as residential and inpatient rehabilitation centers, partial hospitalization, or no prior treatment experience.

Adolescent reading a book at Dilworth Center, representing addiction recovery programs for teenagers in Charlotte, NC.
Adolescents walking on a cobblestone path, representing the journey of addiction recovery at Dilworth Center in Charlotte, NC.

The Importance of Adolescent IOPs

Adolescents suffering from substance use disorder often experience a co-occurring mental health condition. By taking a holistic approach to mental health and Substance Use Disorder, we can treat both afflictions on parallel paths.

The Dilworth Center Difference

If you suspect your teenager is suffering from Substance Use Disorder we offer a comprehensive 2 day assessment. Potential patients and family members are thoroughly assessed for SUD and any co-occurring mental health conditions by a master’s level clinician. This assessment is then used to craft an individualized treatment plan backed by a specific diagnosis of your teen’s condition.

After completing our program Dilworth Center alumni boast an industry-leading 80% sobriety rate after 2 years, thanks to a holistic approach to substance abuse education, co-occurring mental health conditions, and the role of SUD within the family system.

Our Approach

Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, from Motivational Interviewing (MI) and strengths-based approaches to 12-step facilitation and expressive arts interventions, we work closely with each patient to find a treatment plan that works best for them.

Adolescents engaged in woodworking at Dilworth Center, representing addiction recovery programs for teenagers in Charlotte, NC.
Group of teenagers at Dilworth Center, highlighting the supportive community and effective addiction recovery programs available in Charlotte, NC.

IOP Benefits

The Adolescent IOP provides the benefits of intensive treatment programs while mitigating the interruptions to school and home routines. Additionally, patients join a supportive community where they can bond with adolescents dealing with similar struggles.

IOP Duration

The duration of the Adolescent IOP is between 8 to 12 weeks but varies based on the individual’s needs and goals. Family members are required to actively participate in the entire recovery process by engaging in group therapy sessions and creating a supportive environment for their teen while fostering long-term wellness.

“I came to Dilworth Center, nearly hopeless, after being suspended from college my freshman year. I knew deep down I had a problem with drugs but I was still skeptical about alcohol and weed being a problem for me too. After the educational lectures, my family and I gained an understanding for my disease of addiction and alcoholism. Group therapy made a huge impact on my willingness to trust the process and held me accountable to be honest and open minded in my early sobriety. Today, I have a greater awareness and understanding of myself than I ever have and I can use my experience to help others recovering from the disease of addiction.”

Eric, Dilworth Center Alumnus

The Adolescent IOP Breakdown

Mental Health

Developing effective coping skills. Improving sense of self-worth. Dealing with peer pressure. The Adolescent IOP addresses co-occurring mental health conditions on a parallel paths to SUD, improving the overall mental health of participating adolescents.

Family Therapy

A support system is crucial to the success of the program. Family members will engage in group therapy session designed to educate them about the recovery journey and their role in aiding their teen’s completion of the process.

Group Therapy

By fostering an environment for adolescent patients to bond with peers facing similar struggles, they can express their feelings and learn from multiple perspectives outside their own experiences.

Individual Therapy

Educating adolescents about substance use and misuse, its long-term impacts, and the stages of the recovery journey, through guest speakers and interactive presentations, allows them to understand the true cost of addiction, and the importance of sobriety.


Educating adolescents about substance use and misuse, its long-term impacts, and the stages of the recovery journey, through guest speakers and interactive presentations, allows them to understand the true cost of addiction, and the importance of sobriety.

Peer Influence

For adolescents, understanding they’re not alone is crucial to the success of the IOP. Recovering peer mentors and Dilworth Center alumni offer support and encouragement while facilitating various therapeutic and recreational activities ranging from outdoor paintball excursions and hiking trips to nights at the movies.

Staff Accreditation

Our full-time treatment staff boasts over 250 years of addiction treatment experience, and is comprised of masters-level clinicians, licensed mental counselors, social workers, clinical addiction specialists, and social workers, led by an industry-recognized psychiatrist known for his ability to treat complicated addiction and mental health conditions and a focus on teenage addiction and young adults.

Staff meeting at Dilworth Center, representing the dedicated team behind addiction recovery programs for teenagers in Charlotte, NC.

The Bottom Line

Addressing Substance Use Disorder and co-occurring mental health conditions on parallel paths creates a more holistic recovery journey for adolescents, leading to longer-term recovery and sobriety. For more information on Dilworth Center’s Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Recovery Program (IOP) and approach to mental health, please contact us at (704) 372-6969 or fill out the contact form below.

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