We know how it feels…

To have no idea where to turn. You want to stop, but can’t.
Young woman reflecting on her recovery journey in Charlotte, NC, thinking about outpatient care.

You feel miserable, hopeless, and alone.

Your problems seem insurmountable.

Many of us here at Dilworth Center have been where you are now.

Alcoholism and addiction are known as cunning, baffling, and powerful diseases. No one beats them alone.

Experience a renewed sense of hope. Find peace, serenity, and fulfillment as you begin your journey to recovery.

For more than thirty years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the sole purpose of addiction recovery for our patients.

Dilworth Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing effective and affordable treatment services for individuals and families affected by alcoholism and drug addiction. We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and staffed by addiction specialists and counselors, many of whom have been dedicated to helping patients at Dilworth Center for over 30 years.

You’ve already taken the first, most courageous step you will ever take:

You’ve recognized your need for help.

It’s time to ask for the help you need.

Call one of our addiction counselors at our Charlotte treatment center today. Allow someone to help you. One of the benefits of working with a non-profit recovery center is the amount of time we dedicate to speaking with you to understand your specific situation. We will provide you with compassion, understanding, and, most importantly, a clear treatment plan that will set you on the best possible path towards recovery.


Whether you are reaching out for yourself or on behalf of a love one, we are here to listen and help. Through personalized telephone consults and on-site appointments, we are able to make individualized recommendations.

Unsure if you should consider alcohol treatment?

Take this simple, universally used alcoholism assessment to help you begin to evaluate your situation.

CAGE Questionnaire promotional image for the Dilworth Center in Charlotte, offering assessment for alcohol treatment.

At Dilworth Center, we want you to find new joy in life, gain clarity and purpose, renew relationships, and be filled with hope for your future. You need help and a proven plan for a successful recovery to achieve that. You are at war with a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease that can blind you to the reality of your situation. You likely feel hopeless, ashamed, and afraid.

We understand the challenges of not knowing where to turn, especially when seeking outpatient treatment in Charlotte, NC. It can be frustrating to want to stop but not know how to feel alone in facing your problems and experiencing hurt. We’ve been in your shoes before.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our Charlotte drug treatment center soon. We will conduct a personalized, comprehensive assessment of your situation. This assessment will allow our counselors to provide valuable information, clarity, and insight into your next steps. We will work with you to create a precise treatment plan that can immediately set you on the path to recovery.

Stop battling this disease on your own. Our Charlotte outpatient treatment programs have thirty years of experience helping thousands of individuals in similar situations. We understand this disease is challenging, but no one must face it alone.

Instead, find renewed hope! Gain a new sense of clarity, direction, and purpose. Begin to feel fulfilled and optimistic as you take the first steps toward recovery.

We can help you regain the life you deserve. By reaching out to our outpatient rehab in Charlotte, NC, you’ve already taken a courageous first step. You’ve acknowledged that you need help and found the willingness to change. You don’t have to fight this battle alone any longer.

The next step is reaching out for help. Call or email to speak with one of our counselors about our intensive outpatient program in Charlotte, NC. Allow someone to assist you in your situation. We will provide you with compassion, understanding, and, most importantly, a plan to guide you. We’ll be sure to take the time you need when you call. We are here to earnestly begin the process of giving you hope and relief through our alcohol treatment and other services.

Elegant Charlotte outpatient treatment facility at the Dilworth Center, offering comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction recovery services.

Experience Hope, Renewed

Gain a new sense of clarity, direction, and purpose. You can feel fulfilled and optimistic about life once again as you begin taking the first steps to recovery.

Call to connect with one of our specialists